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IELTS Reading Strategies & Tricks: 7+ Academic Bands Easily

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1. Introduction
2. Correct Answers to get 7 Bands
3. IELTS Reading Strategies
4. Ielts Reading Tips and Tricks
5. FAQ

1. Introduction

Hi, I have given the IELTS exam and got passed with a 7.5 Band in the reading module. Now, if you don’t know about the reading exam.

Let me give a short introduction. Basically, there are 3 passages in the reading part and you will get a total of 60 minutes to do it.

Moving on, for me, it wasn’t easy to score 7+ Bands. However, I had the strategy to pass the reading module with good bands. You can read all the Ielts reading Strategies and tricks ahead.

2. How many right answers do you need to score more than 7+?

Ielts reading tips and tricks | Reading band chart score

To get 6 Bands you only need to get 23-25 correct answers. Whereas, for 6.5 and 7, you need to get 26-29 and 30-31 respectively right answers out of 40.

So, it is very easy to score 6.5+Bands. You just only need the right technique and practice to score your desired bands.

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3. Ielts Reading Strategies

There are three best methods & strategies in IELTS reading to find the answers. You can use any-one trick according to your choice. For Best IELTS Reading Tips- Go to the next (4) section

  1. Read-Understand-Answers Method
  2. Skim-Scanning Method
  3. Mixed Approach
1. Read-Understand-Answers Method

a) Read the Topic name & Instructions

To start, first, read the title of the given passage. As it would help you to make a basic understanding of that topic.

After that, read the instructions for the questions. Ignoring the instructions can lead to wrong answers.

b) Read & Understand the questions

The next step is to read and understand the questions one by one. It will help you get a basic idea about the passage content.

You can also mark the main keyword in questions to remember.

c) Start Reading the paragraph- Here comes the main part, after reading the questions, you need to read the paragraph one by one.

To explain it, read and understand the first paragraph then find the answers in that paragraph. Then read the 2nd paragraph and find some answers to the next questions and go on.

For Example- Assume there are three question parts (such as True-False, Fill in the blanks, or any other) in 1st passage. So, read the questions of each part and then starts to find the answers in 1st paragraph.

More probably, you will get some or a few answers of true-false and blanks then go to the 2nd paragraph and find some answers to every question part.

d) Get your Answers- After getting the answers write them down on your exam sheet quickly. As this is the best and good way to get accurate answers.

Do some practice to complete in time and you will surely get 7 or 7+ Easily.

2. Skim – Scanning Method

a) Read the topic name & Instructions- First, you need to read the topic name and instructions for every question part. As it would help you to get an idea about the passage.

b) Underline the keyword in questions– Now, after doing the first step, you need to read the question and underline/mark any unique and main words of every question.

c) Skim and Scan the keywords in Paragraphs– After marking the main words, you need to scan those in every paragraph one by one.

In this method, you don’t need to understand the passage. Just find the word related to that question.

For Example– Mark the special word such as date-year, day, action, name of the thing, etc and find these words in paragraphs. Check all the keywords in every paragraph.

d) Carefully check the answer– After finding the keyword, you need to read the question and find the answer. To make sure about an answer, try to fill in the question. Like, is that answer makes sense?

3. Mixed Approach

In the mixed approach, you will use both approaches. This approach will aid you to complete the passages in time and getting bands.

First, Start doing the questions with 1st approach and when you would have completed the two passages and when you don’t have enough time then you can start using 2nd approach.

4. Best IELTS Reading Tips & Tricks

  1. Start with Fresh Mind- Whenever, you start reading, always be clear on your mind. Leave all the worries behind. This will help your brain to read the passages effectively.
  2. Practice Daily & Evaluate- Don’t just do regularly but also evaluate the answers i.e. “how this is wrong and why?”. By having regularity, your brain will get used to that reading which will increase your speed to read & find answers.
  3. Read instructions carefully- As I mentioned earlier, most people get their answers wrong just because they didn’t read the instructions carefully.
  4. Deal with a difficult word- You will always get a word in your reading that you don’t the meaning of. To deal with the word, you can read the meaning of the line and assume the meaning. Ignore the word if it doesn’t contain the importance of the reading passage.
  5. Time Managing Strategy- To manage your time in reading you need to build a habit. So, always take a time of 17 minutes per passage instead of 20 minutes. This will help you to manage your time while doing it.
  6. Don’t use prior knowledge- The most important thing is “Do Not Use Your Prior Knowledge” if you have done the same reading passage earlier.

    Most of the time, the name of the passage is the same but the content is different. So, always read the passage and fill in the answers.
  7. Just Be Confident– The last trick is “Don’t doubt Yourself”. You just need to feel confident, this would help your body to relax and find the answers easily.

Contact us– If you have any doubts

5. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the IELTS Reading Test?

The IELTS reading test is basically an exam to check your language proficiency. The test consists of 40 Questions in which you need 26 right answers to clear the exam.

IELTS reading Score vs Band?

In IELTS, Reading Scores are given out of 40. Whereas, bands are given out of 9. To get 6 bands you need 23 Right answers.

How to Read IELTS Reading Quickly?

For this, you need to build a habit. Daily practice the reading module and also read English books to increase your mind speed so that you can read and analyze the information quickly.

Tips for IELTS Reading Academic?

Always start with a Fresh mind, Practice Daily & Evaluate, and Read Instructions Carefully. For more detailed tips, read the above topic.

Why IELTS reading is difficult

First of all, reading isn’t difficult, it is just a mental assumption. In fact, reading is the best module to increase band scores. You just need the right tips and tricks to solve the reading easily.

Where to Practice IELTS Reading?

Most people prefer the IELTS coaching centre to practice because on phones it becomes difficult to read. However, if you still want to do IELTS at home, then print out the reading from google. This is the best way to practice IELTS reading.

Can I retake the IELTS reading only?

No, in the current scenario that isn’t possible. You need to give all the exams again if you want to retake the IELTS reading.

Best reading practice for IELTS?

It will be Available soon

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