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Who is Dev Gadhvi: How does he Earn, Real or Fake, Reviews?

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1. Introduction
2. Who is Dev Gadhvi?
3. How he can help others to Earn?
4. How Does he Earn?
5. Reviews: Real or fake
6. FAQ

Read in Hindi: Dev Gadhvi कौन हैं

1. Introduction

Many of you have seen the ads of Dev Gadhvi on social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Where he was claiming himself as a self-made millionaire or India’s no.1 Passionpreneur.

In some of his ads, he says to join his lecture at Rs99, quit a 9 to 5-hour Job, Be your own boss and work with freedom. Read Reviews at End.

2. Who is Dev gadhvi?

dev gadhvi

Dev Gadhvi claimed himself as a businessman, a best-selling author and a mentor. He is born into a middle family.

In 2018, he built his business in the self-development industry in India. Dev Gadhvi has also given his interview on famous platforms such as ted talks.

He has trained a lot of people & now they have become successful in their lives. Read Next to know more about him.

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3. How Dev Gadhvi Helps Others to Earn Money?

Now, the main question is how he helps others to earn money. Basically, he would help you to find your passion, open your mind about business & help you to develop yourself i.e. how to speak, confidence, etc. and also.

So, you can start earning. Now, if you don’t want to attend his lecture. You can read books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Think & Grow Rich.

As his content is inspired by these books. You will get benefits from the seminar if you haven’t read these books.

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4. How Dev Gadhvi Earns and How much?

how to earn with Dev Gadhvi

Let’s come to his earning part. He claims that he earned 57+ Lakh in 2020 from his business, books and youtube as well.

He stated that “his mission is to help 1 billion people to launch their business”. Now, this is his business, he charges money around 99rs/person for his first seminar and around 600-1000 people join every time.

Then, he offers his fully paid course in the seminar costs ranging from ₹1000-1,00,000 and personal assistance (one vs one on a video call) as well. He charges a lot of money for this.

5. Reviews of Dev Gahdvi?

Good Things

1. Dev Gadhvi is 100% real. He provides good knowledge & does webinars to teach people about passion. He can only teach you, left is depended upon you such as hard work.

2. His seminar teaches a lot of things about how to find passion and how to build a business around that. So, it’s good for those who want to start something new.

3. As the price of joining the first seminar is ₹99. You can try it, as sometimes little things can help you to build your future.

4. I have seen a few people who are trained by him. Now, they have started to make money through seminars or according to their passion.

Bad Things

1. He is very smart, he knows that every person hates his job. So, he uses this point to influence people and get them in webinars or seminars.

2. There are a lot of people in the market like him who claims themselves a mentor. But, they have just the same content which is available on youtube videos (Motivational & Business videos) and in books.

3. His ads are too much, he fakes his rich lifestyle such as a Ferrari car, wearing a coat-pant to just influence the people for his seminars. Basically, his business is you as he earns money from you when you pay money for seminars.

4. Moreover, most of the content is inspired by books such as Rich dad Poor dad, and Think & Grow Rich. So, if you have read those books then you will get a low value from the webinar.

5. The Last thing, he considered 9-5 jobs as lame work and over motivate the people to leave it. However, that person first needs to make some passive income to cover his expense when he left his job.

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6. FAQ

1. What is the Net Worth of Dev Gadhvi?

He claimed that he has a Net Worth of around 2 Crore in 2021.

3. What are the names of Dev Gadhvi’s books?

He has published two books. The names of the books are ” 80% Mindset 20% Skill” & “6 Sundays a Week Life”.

3. What does Dev Gadhvi do?

Basically, Dev Gadhvi is an author, mentor and businessman as well. He does online webinars to teach things about passion. Read the above article to understand.

4. Dev Gadhvi’s age?

Currently, the age of Dev Gadhvi is around 38 years.

5. Dev Gadhvi webinar?

In his webinar, he mainly teaches about how to find your passion and how to become your own boss as well. I think this webinar is good for those who want to build their business.

6. Dev Gadhvi Passionpreneur?

In reality, the passionpreneur term doesn’t have any meaning. It is basically started by Dev Gadhvi. Read more about him above.

7. Dev Gadhvi fees?

He charges 99rs for his 3-hour beginner webinar. For full-fledged & specialised courses, it costs around ₹10,000-1,00,000.

8. Dev Gadhvi Reviews?

The reviews have been mentioned earlier in the 5th point. Please visit it to read. All the reviews are taken from real events.

9. Dev Gadhvi Wikipedia?

Dev Gadhvi doesn’t have any Wikipedia page. If you want to read more about him i.e. business model, webinars, fees and many more. Read the above article

10. Is Devgadhvi real?

He is totally real. He has good skills to teach someone. However, in some of his ads, he fakes it to influence people for webinars.

11. Can a workshop by Dev Gadhvi 10x help any people?

I think yes for those, who want to start their business. But, if you don’t know about business. Then, he can be a good mentor.

Disclaimer- This information is organized from different sources. If you want to share anything. Write down it in the comment box or Contact us

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10 thoughts on “Who is Dev Gadhvi: How does he Earn, Real or Fake, Reviews?”

  1. I’m holding mid-managerial position in USA based MNC since 15 years. So as being in this designation, I had excel-level of understanding about starting business, challenges and ways to ideate the domain to start business. Because, he is simply using/teaching basic problem solving techniques which are quite routine in use in corporate world.

    I participated in Passionpreneur Masterclass (PPMC) webinar (by paying INR20,000) with the great expectations to learn something unique but highly disappointed with the depth-ness of content and his superficial over claims.

    He is smart and be convinced for whom those have never worked in matured corporate world or doing ordinary business/job to know systematic approach for problem solving. But this techniques and authentic courses are easily available over internet at few bucks only.

    Funny part was that since first of three days of PPMC program, he smartly started to sell for the enrolment of another level of passionpreneur mastermind program which is quite costly and he got some goats too…

    1. I also spend 99rs fir wevinar , and then 10,000rs for his course , yes it is true that he again asked money for it her xourses. I am surprised by his smartness that how this man made his own online university and ciursee which costs 1lakh rupees. He doesn’t have any business like Mr. Tata and Mr. Ambani , he earns from us (middle class people) , to whom he shows big dreams. Yes it is also true the things which talks about in webinars are true , but those talks are already can be understandable by us if we think maturity. I have seen some people comments on LinkedIn who praise him, they say that because of Dev Gadhvi they made business, it may be true because they learn something from his talks, but the words are from books only. And he makes money and enjoying luxury lifestyle through our hardworking money. And he says that it authentic because I help people, but question is .. selling courses for 10,000rs and lakhs, is it good ! In June webinar I attended, he said that it is right to cost that much oroce because in colleges we are also paying lakhs in a year to do MBA, Engineering and after these courses we only wonder for Jon’s of 25k or something. Ha..ha.. very smart man Dev is, he makes other silent. But it is like gambling for the people who are investing money, if they apply learning then good, otherwise regression of spending 1000rs , 10,000rs or lakh to make him millionaire. He is millionaire because of us, remember it ! Choice is your brothers.

  2. His webinar is useful for those who doesn’t listen about business, money and passion before . But the one who read rich dad poor dad book and other business ideas it is not so useful. He is making business from participant’s who are participating the webinar. He roughly earns 80000 for webinar fee and Atleast 5000 to 1000 for selling his Books.

  3. Very true mentioned about his bad things. He fooled people and teaching same things which is available online or in books. No practice experience. He is just a sale man.

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