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What is Velovita: MLM Business, Legit or Scam, Reviews?

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is Velovita
  3. How to Earn with Velovita?
  4. More Info About Velovita
  5. Velovita Business Plan & Video
  6. How to Join Velovita Business
  7. Reviews: Legal or Scam
  8. FAQ

1. Introduction

In this article, you will read all about the Velovita business such as their business or earning plan, steps to join, and most importantly Reviews.

Don’t forget to read the reviews which are mentioned in the last part of the article. Reviews are totally unbiased which will help you to make decisions.

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2. What is Velovita?

Velovita is a company that offers products related to nutritional supplements. However, they are mostly famous for their earning opportunity.

As Velovita company uses a network marketing strategy to increase its sales which also helps people to earn money by joining as distributors.

3. How to Earn with Velovita?

Velovita offers multiple incomes to earn money. In their compensation or business plan, a perosn will get income from referral bonus, team commission, matching bonus, etc.

Now to earn, in short, a person need to recruits people into this busniess and refer the products to cusotmers to make money.

You can earn around 10-20% (depends upon your joining plan) per recruitment on their joining. Obviously, they need to buy products to join.

You will get income from their sales value. Moreover, you will earn more when the members joined under you, starts to recruits more people and so on.

This makes a chain or downline. The whole compensation or business plan is made by Velovita company.

Apart from that, a person can also join them as member. If he just want to sell the products ass retailer. He can get the products at 10-30% discount.

4. More Info About Velovita Company

Company NameVelovita
Started in 2021
Started byKosta Gara & Jeff Ma
Located inMiami, Florida
Products NicheNutritional Supplements
OperateDirect selling company
Any lawsuitNot Yet

Velovita company basically offers 4 types of nutritional supplements related products.

  1. Bran– This is the first product which aid to boosts your brain instantly according to Velovita.
  2. Zlem– According to the company, it contains ingredients that help you in body optimization and better sleep.
  3. Uuth– Uuth product contains a premium jelly which helps to look young
  4. Plos– It is a milk-free coffee creamer with some mixture that help you lose weight.

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5. Velovita Business Plan & Video

As Velovita is a direct selling company, they use this marketing technique to increase their product sales.

So with this, they need a distributor network which can help them in their sales. For this, they offer business plan to earn.

Anyone can join with them to earn. However, they need to recruit people to earn (as fully mentioned in 3rd section).

Types of income you will earn such as bonuses, team bonus, downline earnings, comissions, etc.

You can watch the video to understand the business plan properly with all types of incomes and earnings plan.

6. How to Join Velovita Business

  1. First, you need to sign up through someone to get more benifits. However, you can also join Independently.
  2. Now, while sign up, you can join their business plan as a distribuor and customer as well.
  3. For this, you need to buy any product to reach into next level.
  4. After that, you are ready to earn some money.

7. Reviews: Legal or Scam


  1. Velovita company works on MLM model which is totally legalised by the governent.
  2. This is a real comany and a lot of people are earning good amount of money.
  3. The more you work and get recruitments the more you will earn. There is no upper limit.
  4. The company has fully specified in the plan for distribuors and customers thats why it is more genuine company then others.


  1. Some people thinks that they will get fixed salary, thats is not real.
  2. People in mlm, tries or fakes their lifestyle to attract other people into this business.
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