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Achievers Club: How to Earn Money, Real or Fake, Steps to Join?

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Warning- There is another group named Achievers Club (Work from home) which provides jobs related to Typing work. It is fake.

Read all the information here about the fake achievers club. As real achievers club is only for Network marketing.

1. What is the achievers club
2. How they earn money
3. Business plan explained
4. Steps to join Achievers Club
5. Company Info
6. Video on the Business plan
7. Reviews

Important Notice – If you are really interested to join Network Marketing- Call/Message Mr. Himanshu on Whatsapp No +917889612235

1. What is Achievers Club

Achievers Club is a team of people who are working in network marketing to earn money and help others to make money. The team is managed by common youngsters. 

They basically add youth to their team for the forever company to increase their sales via network marketing. Read next, to understand properly.

2. How Do People Earn Money with Achievers Club?

achievers club
Logo of Achievers

The important or biggest question is “how the Achievers club earns money and helps others to earn money”.

The whole business is based on Network marketing. Network marketing is a method of marketing in which people use their personal networks to join new persons and grow a business.

They add people to their team, which increases the sales of forever company. So whenever, they help them to join this business get income in form of commissions.

However, they don’t sell their products directly, they add people. People need to buy products or consume products in two months to join successfully.

achievers club network marketing

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3. Business Plan Explained?

The business plan they use is set up by forever company. In short, You just need to add persons who want to do network marketing via your referral code.

Ultimately, when you add more people you will get 6000-12000 per new joining as income. If you get more people to join under you, then your rank increase as well as your income.

EXAMPLE– If you added two persons Y and Z to your team, they join and buy products. You will get income and when Y and Z adds further then you will get some commission from the downline.

They make live sessions, Social media marketing, and other ways to add people to the team. When a new youngster starts to add new people and goes on.

4. Steps & How to join Achievers Club?

  1. First, join the network through any registered person. He makes your account then you are ready for the next step. (Want to join– Call/Message Mr. Himanshu on Whatsapp No +917889612235 
  2. When a New person joins their network. He/she needs to consume some products for completing 2CC points in two months.
  3. If you completed that target then you can start work as an assistant supervisor and can earn money from new participants or members under you When they consume products.

There are more high levels like supervisor, assistant manager, and manager while it’s upon you how much you make network and make your rank. You can see the forever marketing plan below.

flp marketing plan

5. About- Forever Company

forever India

The Company name ”Forever Living Products” is the main pillar of their club. This club earns income by making more consumers of this company’s products and gets commissions.

Forever Living Products International, Inc. (FLPI) is an American privately held multi-level marketing (MLM) company based in Arizona that manufactures health and personal care products. 

The company was founded in 1978 by CEO Rex Maughan. After acquiring the company Aloe Vera of America by the 1990s.

The company reported a network of 9.3 million distributors and revenue of $1.7 billion in 2010, and in 2006 they reported having 4,100 employees.

6. Business plan video

7. Achievers Club Reviews

1. As this achievers club receives payments from the forever company so there is no issue with payment.

2. The team leaders or higher positions people also help new joining people to teach them about how to talk with anyone etc. They provide free training to everyone.

3. All people have their own way to see anything, some say it is waste of time or some say it is gold. But it is good for those who really want to earn money

4. Only hard work & dedication can help you earn because at starting your income is very low as compared to expenses.

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1. They will say that there is no need to invest money, that is wrong. You need to buy some products, amount of 20k-25k to Compete for the first stage i.e. 2cc, then you can start to earn money.

2. The Network marketing-related people like the achievers club or other teams show or try to show things like buying cars, traveling, and wearing coat pants for meetings.

This type of thing is used to motivate people to think this is good and thinks to join. (But these things make over-motivation people)

3. Difficult part is to convince someone. This skill is very important otherwise you can’t get other people to join via yours.

4. You should check all the proofs like cheque receiving and other possibilities like an Income tax return, and earning proof so you don’t get trapped in fake things.

5. This business will not provide you with a fixed salary. Basically, you will earn based on your hard work.

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