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Ichhapurti Company: Is it Fraud?, Reviews, What to do?

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Table of Content
1. What is the Ichhapurti Company?
2. More Detail About Ichhapurti
3. Reviews (Fraud or Not)
4. What to do Now?
5. Contact info
6. FAQ

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1. What is the Ichhapurti Company?

Ichhapurti company is an e-commerce website which is also known as It offers shopping through offline & online methods where you can buy any item.

Ichhapurti is started to increase employment in villages and low-level cities. As they deliver the product right to your doorstep, this increases the salesman’s job.

However, Nowadays, the Ichhapurti site is not working and people who have bought their franchisees are in doubt about whether they are going to close or not. Read all the next things to fully understand.

Ichhapurti company

2. More Detail About Ichhapurti

Ichhapurti which is founded in 2016 in New Delhi by Dr Sanjay Sinha who is the chairman of the Frontline group. The Frontline group also owns the Ichhapurti.

The Frontline group has a 750 crore company value. They provide Security services, Telecom, Power generation & Asset management services.

Ichhapurti has employed 500-600 people in their business. Ichhapurti has taken a lot of money from the public by giving them franchisee rights. They charge around 1 lakh for the simple plan, 3 lakhs for premium, and 50 Lakhs for Depot. Now read the next thing, “is it fraud or what happened?”

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3. Reviews (Fraud Or Not)

1. They have collected a lot of money from the public for their franchise rights But they haven’t even started the business yet for 3 years.

2. Moreover, the Ichhapurti site isn’t working & they are not even returning the money of people. People have tried to contact their customer support, but now, they aren’t even replying.

3. People who were working under Ichhapurti have claimed that they are not paying their salaries.

4. Ichhapurti and any other people haven’t responded about this. But these are making people angry as their money are stuck for the last 3 years.

According to the above points & our personal opinion, which are making clear that the company is closing. They have failed to start the business or have frauded the public. They are not returning the money to those who have completed the refund process. This is making the public angry.

4. What to do Now?

There are some things which people can try to get their money back.

  1. Try to go into company headquarters or try to contact them.
  2. Comment Down your Views so other people can understand.
  3. Ask the other people about the company’s activities such as whether have they started their business or not.
  4. However, last, you can file a court case complaint against them for not returning your money.

5. Contact info of Ichhapurti

  1. Headquarters Location– GGJ SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD, Plot No. 112, 3rd Floor, Udyog Vihar, Phase I, Sector 20, Gurugram, Haryana 122016
  2. Email–
  3. Number- 18003090123, 8287888008
  4. Instagram Id- ichhapurtiofficial
6. FAQ

It will be available soon. Comment down your questions to get answered.

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