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What is Team Sonu Sharma (TSS Vestige): Join, Real or Fake?

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Important Notice– Join Team Sonu Sharma- 9068039239

Table of Content

  1. What is TSS?
    • Sonu Sharma Monthly Income
  2. How TSS Earn Money
  3. How does TSS Add People?
  4. Steps To join the team
  5. Business Plan Video
  6. About Vestige company
    • TSS Products
  7. Reviews: Real or Fake

Important Notice– If you are Seriously interested to Join Team Sonu Sharma. Then, Contact TSS by Call/Message at 9068039239 (Whatsapp).

1. Team Sonu Sharma

The Team Sonu Sharma (TSS) is basically a team which is working to earn money and help others to make money with the help of Vestige company.

Team Sonu Sharma (TSS) is founded by Sonu Sharma. Sonu Sharma is an Author, Educator, Business Consultant, and successful Entrepreneur. Sonu Sharma is one of the Youngest Inspirational speakers in India and also has a huge fan-based youtube channel.

TSS Basically targets youth to add to their team. They add people for the Vestige company to increase their product consumers and Earn Money. Read Next to understand deeply.

team sonu sharma

1.1 Sonu Sharma Income & Net Worth

Total Net Worth– 80 Crores Approx*
Profession– Business Consultant, Entrepreneur, Motivator, Youtuber
Per live session charges– 5 Lakh+
Monthly Earnings– 70-80 lakhs (Approx)
(This Income Includes all the earnings from Youtube Channel, session fees, vestige income, and more)

2. How does Team Sonu Sharma Earns Money?

This is the biggest or main question. Actually, TSS earn money by adding people. They get income in form of commissions. But they don’t sell products directly. They Make Chains.

To explain, If you want to join & start earning, you first need to buy products. So the person who helps you to join the team, he/she will earn money in form of commissions when you buy.

In the same way, you will also get commissions from those people who used your referral code to Join Team Sonu Sharma.

For Example- If you added one person’s name “X” and further ‘X’ adds Y, and Z person after some time “Y” and “Z” adds more person. This makes chain and “X” get commissions/Income when “Y” and “Z” start Earning.

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3. How Does TSS Add People?

team sonu sharma network marketing

The Business model they used is network marketing where they add more people to their team online & Offline. When new people start to add more people and go on, this makes a whole network or chain.

They make live sessions at online video calls like Zoom, Social media marketing, and other ways to add people to a team. For offline methods, some calls their relatives or known people to add them to their team.

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4. How to Join Team Sonu Sharma (TSS)?

1. Firstly, to join Team Sonu Sharma, you need to Join through the team Registered Member. If you are really interested to join & want to earn money. (Join Now- Call/Message at 9068039239 (Whatsapp).

2. After joining, now you can start buying vestige products & by completing the target. You can start adding people under you to start earning.

5. TSS Business Plan Video

6. About Vestige Company

team sonu sharma vestige

The Company name ”Vestige Network Marketing” is the main pillar of their team. Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. started its operations in 2004 and now becoming a leading direct-selling Indian company in world-class wellness products.

Vestige company is constantly growing at a phenomenal rate every year. The growth rate in itself tells about the quality of the products, the marketing plan, and the management of this company.

The team earn income by making more consumers to this company’s products and gets commissions. Vestige provides a referral link to join through any person. If any person buys products through the link he/she also gets a discount on every buy.

6.1 TSS Network Marketing Products
tss network marketing products

As above mentioned about Vestige. Team Sonu Sharma (TSS) uses Vestige company Products in network marketing. Vestige offers every type of product such as Personal Health care, Oral care, Health food, Supplements, etc.

If you want to see and check all the products: Click here. You can also check the prices of their products.

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7. Review About TSS

1. Team Sonu Sharma is 100% Real and Legal. As they use Network Marketing or MLM techniques to earn money which is legalised by the government.

2. This is a Good platform, but it is based on your hard work. Generally, my friend is doing this work. He is earning good money but he is part of this for 5 years.

3. As the joined person receives payments from a company. So, there is no issue with payment.

4. The team leaders or higher positions people also help new joining people to teach them about how to talk with anyone etc.

5. At Starting your income will be very low but if you really want to earn, you need to do hard work, only consistent members get the high payout.


1. You need to verify all the payment proofs and many things so you don’t get into the trap of fake people. If you joined through the wrong person like a fraudster, then you would lose your money.

2. Most people consider Network Marketing a waste of time and a useless thing. While, others who are earning, consider this as gold.

3. In network marketing, some people try to fake things like buying cars, travelling and wearing coat pants for meetings. These fake things are used to influence innocent people to make them join by thinking that they can earn easily.

4. This is not a fixed income-based plan. You will earn only when you add new people or make sales.

5. According to reviews, vestige products have low quality so please make your own decision by trying them. You can also try some other companies like Forever marketing company, Oklifecare, etc. Check now the link is down.

Other Network Marketing Companies
1. Forever company- Team Fire 64 or Achievers Club
2. OK LIFECARE- Yes Group
3. New Business Plan (Referral Based only, No products)Forsage

Important Notice– Join Team Sonu Sharma- 9068039239

8. FAQ
1. Who is Sonu Sharma?

Sonu Sharma is an Author, Educator, Business Consultant, and successful Entrepreneur. Sonu Sharma is one of the Youngest Inspirational speakers in India.

2. What is Sonu Sharma’s Business?

Sonu Sharma has joined as an entrepreneur in Vestige company. Now, he is one of the main leaders of the company business. Sonu Sharma has started a group named Team Sonu Sharma.

3. Sonu Sharma Network Marketing Company?

The name of the company is Vestige. Sonu Sharma has created a team in the company named Team Sonu Sharma. This group helps people to earn money.

4. Sonu Sharma Company?

Sonu Sharma has joined Vestige company where he has made a team named Team Sonu Sharma. Which helps people to make money online.

5. Is TSS (Team Sonu Sharma) Network Marketing?

TSS is a part of Vestige company. Vestige is a network marketing company. The Team Sonu Sharma is managed by Sonu Sharma.

6. What Does Team Sonu Sharma do?

Team Sonu Sharma (TSS) is a network marketing group. They basically provide earning platform to all the people. You can read the above in detail.

7. Team Sonu Sharma (TSS) Joining Fees?

It is totally free to Join TSS. But, if you want to start earning with TSS, you need to spend some money to buy products.

8. Team Sonu Sharma’s contact number?

If you are interested to join TSS. Then, Contact TSS by Call/Message at 9068039239 (Whatsapp)

9. Can Someone Work from Home in Team Sonu Sharma (TSS)?

Yes, anyone from anywhere in India can join and work in TSS. You just need a good internet connection. A lot of people are earning huge amounts of money through this.

10. What is TSS company?

TSS (Team Sonu Sharma) is a group which is founded by Sonu Sharma and is part of Vestige company. They provide an online platform for everyone to earn money.


Important Note: TSS has changed their name to World Wide Dreamers

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