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World Wide Dreamers Vestige: Earn Money, Real or Fake?

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Table of Content
1. What is WWD (World Wide Dreamers)
2. How really do they Earn Money?
3. How they make Network
4. How to Join WWD (Vestige)
5. Business Plan Video
6. About Vestige Company
7. Reviews About World Wide Dreamers

1. What is World Wide Dreamers (Vestige)

The World Wide Dreamers is essentially a group which is working to earn and help other people to earn by means of Network Marketing.

Earlier, it was known as Team Sonu Sharma. But now, it is known as World Wide Dreamers. World Wide Dreamers is established by Sonu Sharma.

Sonu Sharma is quite possibly of the Youngest Inspirational speakers in India and furthermore has a gigantic fan-based youtube channel.

TSS mostly recruited youth to make a members of their team. Teams are formed for the Vestige Network Marketing company to increase their sales through network marketing.

2. How really do they Earn Money?

They assist in generating income by adding people to their team. They get paid in commissions when someone joins.

Now, the main thing is, to join their team that new person needs to buy some products. This way they earn a commission when someone joins.

Now, the joined person can consume the products and also able to earn money if he recruits someone. Here a person will also earn from their downline.

Downline means If you added “X” and further ‘X’ added Y, Z, D. It becomes your downline. After some time “Y” and “Z” added more individuals. This makes a chain.

3. How do they make a Network & Add People?

The Business model they utilized is a to make network where they add more individuals to their group by online methods.

They make live meetings at online video calls like Zoom, Social media such as Instagram, Whatsapp, Fb, and alternate ways to recruit people.

At the point when another person begins to add new individuals and goes on, this makes an entire organization or chain.

4. How to Join World Wide Dreamers (Vestige)

1. First, you need to join through any registered person who is doing this. If you are really interested to join. Message us- +91 8360350799

2. After creating your account, you need to buy some products. Then, you can begin adding individuals under you for earnings.

5. Business Plan Video

6. About Vestige Company

The Company name “Vestige Network Marketing” is the main part of their group. Vestige use MLM or network marketing strategy to operate its business.

The group earns by making more distributors to this organization and gets commissions. It offers a referral link so that anyone can sign up.

Anyone who purchases goods using the link will also receive a discount for each purchase.

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. began operations in 2004 and is currently a top direct selling business in India for premium wellness goods.

Every year, Vestige Company expands at an incredible rate. The growth rate itself provides information about the company’s management, marketing strategy, and product quality.

7. Reviews About World Wide Dreamers


1. This work is real and genuine. Even, my friend is accomplishing this work. He is making good money but he is part of this for a long time.

2. The team gets money directly from the company. So your earnings will directly reach your bank.

3. Team leaders and those in higher positions assist new members by teaching them how to interact with others.

4. This gives a platform to earn if you are good at communication with strangers. Then it’s the best platform for you to start making money.

5. In the beginning, income is quite minimal, but if you are serious about making money, you must work hard because only loyal and consistent members receive significant payouts.


1. You need to confirm all the income evidence and numerous things so you don’t get trapped. You could lose your money if you joined through an improper channel.

2. In Network Marketing, people try to brainwash others to get joinings. Also, they target their weakness such as poverty to influence them.

3. Just because of the above reason, people also like to stay away from Network Marketing and consider it bad. That’s why network marketing people get isolated from their friends.

4. People who operate in network marketing fake their activities such as purchasing cars, travelling, and dressing in coat-pants for meetings.
So people get motivated by things like this in order to join and think it’s a wonderful idea. But that is really bad.

5. As the company pays high commissions to their distributors or teams. Their increase the product price which makes them costly.

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