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Vestige Network Marketing: Business Plan, Real or Fake

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1. Vestige Network Marketing
2. About Vestige Company
3. How to Earn Money
4. How to Join Vestige
5. Vestige Full Marketing Plan
6. Reviews: Real or Fake?
7. FAQ: Should you join?

1. What is Vestige Network Marketing?

Vestige Network marketing is a business plan where people can earn money and also help others to earn money.

Now, this business model gives opportunities to a lot of people to earn money by working in Vestige company as a distributor. You don’t even need huge money to start.

Basically, Vestige is a direct selling company or an MLM company that has a business plan for those who want to earn and fulfill their dreams. Read next to understand

vestige network marketing

2. About Vestige Company

Let’s start with the basics; Vestige company started in 2004. Vestige company sells products related to Health, Personal care, Cosmetics, and many more.

Vestige company uses network marketing to improve its sales and earnings. Now, Network Marketing is a marketing method in which a company adds more distributors to improve its sales.

More Details about the Company: Vestige is direct selling or network Marketing leading company in India. It is growing at a phenomenal rate. The current revenue of Vestige company in India is over 500 Crores in 2021.

Vestige also improved its products and also introduces new products every year. Vestige is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and also GMP Verified.

3. How to Earn Money with Vestige?

Now, it’s time for the main question, we have mentioned the basics above so that you can understand them easily and make your decision.

In simple words, whenever you add new people successfully under you, you will earn. But they also need to buy Vestige products to join then it will be considered a successful joining.

You don’t need to sell or promote any products to anyone because if they want to join this business plan they have to buy. Otherwise, they can’t join & earn.

vestige earn money

More in Detail: There are two ways to earn the money in the vestige company; First of all, you can sell normal products to the people such as consumers, your relatives, friends, etc.

Second, whenever you add active people into your vestige business plan who buys products regularly and also recruit people. But it is not as easy as you think (Read the Reviews at last)

Now, this business plan also helps to earn money from your downline. (Downline means those people who are joined under you and they have added other people under them, it becomes your downline.) You will get a limited amount of commission from your downline.

4. How to Join Vestige Business and Earn?

  1. Firstly, you need to be 18+ and you should have a bank account.
  2. Then, you need to sign up through the registered person. There is no fee to sign up. If you are interested to join contact us.
  3. After the 2nd step, you are ready to join and you need to buy the products to join within the month. Then you will be eligible to earn and join as a distributor. (Don’t forget to read the below reviews)

5. Explained Vestige Marketing & Business Plan

As Vestige is an MLM company they have a full-fledged marketing plan where you would earn different types of incomes.

Any person can earn in this, there are different types of offers a person would get such as a discount on products, performance bonus, director & leadership bonus, car & home fund, etc.

Now, Vestige earns money huge money from this because their sales & profits get increase whenever a new person joins. This business model also helps distributors to earn money.

6. Reviews: Good & Bad?

Good Reviews
1. Vestige is an MLM-leading company in India. There are a lot of famous people who have joined this company business such as Team Sonu Sharma (TSS), and Shivam Goswami vestige.

2. Vestige company offers many products from daily use products to other products so this makes it easy for anyone to consume products.

3. Everyone gets their monthly earnings from the Vestige company into their bank account directly. There is no requirement to join except for age.

4. There is a lot of scope in network marketing as in the long term you will earn huge money once you build a great team or downline under you. (not as easy as you think)

5. Vestige marketing is a real company, there are a lot of people are earning a good amount of money. but they have been part of this company for 3-4 years.

6. This work is solely based on your Hardwork, the more you work, the more you will get results. Only consistent members get a high payout.

Bad Reviews

1. First of all, the image of MLM or Network marketing is spoiled so much that very less people are interested to join in it. People also like to stay away from MLM People as they try so much to join anyone.

2. Sometimes, people who are working in MLM do fake claims such as you will get rich easily, or that there is no need to work. These fake promises lead to a bad reputation. Apart from that, some fake the rich lifestyle to influence people so that people think about joining.

3. They say there are no fees to join, but that is a lie, to join in vestige business you need to buy products. You also need to buy it every month. This involves money so you need money to join.

4. To become successful in this requires an initial struggle. Your earnings will be very low at starting. Apart from that, if you like to talk to strangers and influence them to join then you can consider this business.

5. You will not get a fixed salary every month from this business. It depends on your work. Moreover, only a few people get success in the MLM business such as top people or the leader.

6. Their products are kind of expensive as compared to other market products. The reason is because of their business model. They have to pay the commission to the distributors which ultimately increases the product cost

7. FAQ
What is Vestige’s business? Is vestige MLM?

Yes, Vestige is a MLM company who offers product realted to health, personal care, costmetics, etc. They provide business oportunities to people as it is MLM company.

Is Vestige a good company?

Yes, it is a good company. They offers quality products but it has more price related to other products and they have a good platform for earning opportunity as well.

Is Vestige company legal or not?

Yes, it is 100% legal. Vestige is direct selling or MLM company which is legalised in India, US, etc.

Who is the owner and CEO of the vestige company?

It will be available soon

Is Vestige an MLM company?

It will be available soon

Is Vestige fake or real?

It will be available soon

Is Vestige fraud?

It will be available soon

Is Vestige banned in India?

It will be available soon

What is the fee to join the Vestige?

It will be available soon

Are Vestige products safe?

It will be available soon

Are Vestige products costly?

It will be available soon

Is Vestige no 1 company?

It will be available soon

Should I join the Vestige?

It will be available soon

Is Vestige network marketing good?

It will be available soon

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