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Who is Shivam Goswami Vestige: How to Earn with Vestige

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1. Who is Shivam Goswami?
2. How does he earns money?
3. How Vestige can help you to Earn?
4. Steps to start earning
5. About Vestige Company?
6. Vestige Business Plan Video
7. Reviews about Vestige?

1. Who is Shivam Goswami?

Basically, Shivam Goswami is an entrepreneur who is earning huge amounts of money every month. He is among the greatest youngest’s Successful people in Network marketing and business. He is the First youngest Universal Crown Director in the Vestige.

Shivam is born in Delhi, India on 6 June 1993 and belongs to a middle-class family but now his life is changed. He is a very passionate and hard-working guy. He earns around 5–8 Lakh Per Month. Read next for more information.

shivam goswami

2. How does he Earns Money?

Now, the question that arises is “How does he earn money?” and “How does vestige help people to earn?”. To start, Vestige company uses a network marketing business model where people use their personal networks to help new persons to join and grow a business.

So, he adds people to his team and earns money by making groups of people who are interested to earn. He gets income from every joining and earns a commission whenever a person consumes any products.

But he doesn’t sell products, he makes chains. As every person need to consume some products to join & start earning in vestige. Read next, about how vestige can help you to earn

3. How Vestige can help you to earn?

As, I earlier mentioned vestige is a network marketing company and a lot of people such as Team Sonu Sharma, Shivam Goswami, and other people are earning huge amounts of money from this.

Vestige is giving them business opportunities where they can grow their network and earn money. So, if you want to earn money then the vestige platform will help you earn while sitting at home.

You just need to add those people under you who are interested to earn money. You will earn when they buy products to join. Moreover, You will also get some income from your downline (Downline means people who are joined under you) when they earn. So, this makes a good income for you.

shivam goswami vestige network marketing

4. How to Join & Start earning?

1. Firstly, you need to join the vestige company through a registered person. So, for that, you can contact us if you are interested to join. 

2. After joining, now you can start buying vestige products & by completing the target. You can start adding people under you so you can start earning.

5. About Vestige Company?

shivam goswami vestige

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. ” provides the business plan for all the people. People earn income by making more consumers to this company’s products and get commissions.

Vestige’s business plan provides a referral link to join through any person. If any new person buys products through the link he/she will also get a discount on every purchase.

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. started its operations in 2004 in India and now is becoming a leading direct selling Indian company in world-class wellness products. Vestige company is constantly growing at a phenomenal rate every year. 

6. Vestige Business Plan Video

7. Reviews


1. As the company pays at regular intervals. So, there is no issue with payment. Vestige is a well-known company and you can easily trust them.

2. The Vestige company has a good business plan. This is legal and real, but it is based on your hard work that “how much money you can make”. Generally, my friend is doing this work. He is earning a huge chunk of money but he is part of this for 3 years.

3. The team leaders and higher positions people also give training to newly joined people to teach them about how to talk with anyone etc.

4. This is a good platform for those who really want to earn. People who are busy with their studies, and jobs can start this work in their free time.


1. In the beginning, income is very low but if you really want to earn, you need to do hard work, only consistent and dedicated members get a high income. So, don’t expect high rewards at starting

2. Everyone has their own way to see network marketing, some say it is waste of time or some say it is gold but more people considered this network marketing as not good. 

3. The Network marketing people like team vestige or another team’s tries to show things like buying cars, travelling, and wearing coat pants in meetings. This type of thing uses to motivate people so people can think this is good and thinks to join. Which can influence badly to some people.

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